Sistema de emisión instantánea CR825

Sistema de emisión instantánea CR825

High definition and edge-to-edge printing.

The Entrust Datacard™ CR825 Instant Issuance System is a complete, on-demand card printing solution leveraging retransfer technology that gives financial institutions greater flexibility and power to build their brands, improve the customer experience, maintain high levels of card security, reduce operation issues and cut the long-term costs of card issuance and replacement.



Brilliant looking cards to engage customers and promote your brand
The new CR825 Instant Issuance System uses pigment ink, which provides a wide color spectrum and brilliant looking color, sure to engage customers. Print from blank card stock and reduce costs associated with managing pre-printed card stock.

High resolution printing for stunning resolution
Pigment ink combined with 600 dpi printing results in extremely high resolutions printing enabling great design elements and clear printing on back of card.

Enhanced Security to ensure data integrity
A number or security features have been designed into the system to ensure the security of data and protect it from threats. These are standard in every printer.

Reliability to print cards when you need them
This platform was developed based on years of experience with desktop and central issuance development. We stand behind the quality and reliability of this printer, so you can be certain your print on demand solution is always available.

Durability options to meet your needs for card life
The new system has the ability to add an additional layer of retransfer film to the card, adding durability to extend the life of the card.

Connectivity that is easy and scalable
The Entrust Datacard single wire solution is the easiest to deploy in the industry today, and provides a solution that is scalable from 1 to n locations, without limitations you traditionally see.

Trusted solution – Designed and tested for the best results
Our complete solution, including hardware, software and supplies, has been designed and tested for maximum results.

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